Montag, 7. November 2011

Get balled by XXXcyb

LA Doggy Balled out !

Pussy : Wet and Red !

Pose : LA Doggy Balled - MF with 7 options and 14 animation files (rough !)

Luna Animations brings you the all new Doggy Balled Animated pose ball set on our V4 poseball system!
This MF animation will get your blood pumping. Female kneeling as you select where to put those hands and just how fast and hard to hit without ever having to jump to another poseball.
Animation has 7 combos ranging from Slow to ExtremeRavage allowing you to pick that perfect pace and position. 14 animation files in all. If you like if from behind, you'll want this for your collection!


Luna Animations by Jennifer Brennon

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