Samstag, 29. September 2012

SL : Kerp Resident - RL : old VIAGRA tranny

SL : Kerp Resident

* She is a RL gay

RL : old VIAGRA tranny

please BANN ON YOUR SIMS : griefer, stalker AND copyboters ::: Kerp Resident - 1Gaston1 Resident - ketepareceesto Resident -  thanks !

he was the ex-BF of my ex-pe
t xixirina , and she told me all about him.
(proof : by xixirina -
beware this sick looser, bann/mute the copyboter !
thanks !
and for INFO please send mail, no SL-NoteCards, XXXcyb AT

mass defamator, griefer, stalker AND copyboter !!!!
beware this sick looser pig !!!!!

mass defamation, griefing, propoganda, scamming, lies and false abuse reports initiated by MAXXX ALIAS :

cobra15 vita
ddd Cahir
Math Spiritor 

AND ALL his ALT Residents :
Kerp Resident ----->  A LOT ON SEX SIMS !
1Gaston1 Resident ----->  A LOT ON SEX SIMS !

Pisgamala Resident
Sainster Resident
shelthon Resident
TruthMax Resident
Glasp Resident

xxcanelaxx Resident
chapaxxaaxxx Resident
chapaxxaas Resident
baxasxez Resident
perdoname1 Resident
deaxex Resident
momentaneo Resident
basasxe Resident
jjjhuhuh Resident
LaSudacaNoeEstudiaNiTienetrabaj Resident
Suertee Resident
Chancho11 Resident
holaxixi Resident

(please note: some of the ALT names you will not find in SL search, idk why, but his still active, also on new ALT's)

attacked & defamation to me :

[2012/06/05 12:03]  Pisgamala Resident: Hi everybody, just sending this message to warn you about a scammer with a script who steals money from your account, and passwords .. beware to this thief has robbed many people .. he is also a copybotter ..his name is (cyb anel & xcybthbad) his alt


as Chippyday Resident (girl AVA) sHe sucked the cock of my SL bro Ziggy Markova for 300L$